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1. Pride of Belonging
2. Challenge
3. Courage, Poise, & Self-Confidence
4. Self-Reliance, Self Direction, Self-Discipline
5. Leadership & Management Skills
6. Technical Skills (Part 1)
". Technical Skills (Part 2)
7. Educational Opportunities
8. Professional Development
9. Financial Security, Advancement, & Benefits
10. Physical Fitness
11. Travel & Adventure
12. Introduction to the Navy
13. Navy Past, Present, & Future
14. Navy Nuclear Power
15. SEALs, EOD, & Navy Diver
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Travel and Adventure

Fun and Excitement!

Did you know that Sailors:
  • Rock Climb
  • Rappel
  • Hunt and Fish
  • Scuba Dive
  • Water Ski
  • Snorkel
  • Jet Ski
  • Sand Surf
  • Snowboard
  • Play Team Sports
... just to name a few!

Passport to Adventure

If you want to see the world, the Navy can be your passport for travel throughout the U.S. and far beyond. You might find yourself on an aircraft carrier heading toward Australia or Greece, or stationed with your family at an exotic overseas location for a long-term assignment.

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What kind of sense of adventure do you have?

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • Is what you do for a living fulfilling your desire for adventure?
  • Would you like to experience exotic lifestyles and cultures?
  • Would you like to do and see things most people only dream of?

Being on a ship means many pleasures (and not all work)

  • Friendships that are easy to build (much as in a fraternity)
  • With amenities on ships that run from the internet to movies to sports programs
  • Even going to college is possible on most ships

With the whole world in front of you

Of the 18,000 port calls in 50 countries which would you enjoy seeing? And don't forget: every port you dock in can mean ample time to explore the culture. And we will help you do it! With what we call MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation), we will support you on each port of call. At Naples, for instance, you might sign up for a 4-day, 3-night tour of Italy that takes you to Rome and beyond at a cost that is just a fraction of what might be charged the general public.

And don't forget: Sailors can be stationed in foreign countries for extended stays with a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) based on those local costs and an extra amount for foreign duty!


No Sailor ever stands on a ship's deck for months or years at a time! Even on an extended tour, there are many ports of call. Where would you like to visit? Could you picture yourself standing on top of the Parthenon looking down on Athens and the Mediterranean? Or would you prefer a winter in San Diego or a summer in Cape Cod? Are you up for the experience of Japan? Perhaps it is the Holy Land you would most like to see.

Aero Clubs

Would you like to learn to fly for very little cost, just for pleasure? Navy aero clubs are available at many installations.

Recreation Centers

You and your family can stay at military-operated recreation centers around the world at substantial discount savings!


Many installations have automotive centers with certified mechanics on hand to assist automotive maintenance needs, sell products at reduced cost, operate car washes, etc.


Most installations have service clubs with all the amenities

Fitness Centers

Most of our fitness centers are equipped with state-of-the-art cardio equipment, weights, court sports and trainers to assist with your fitness goals.

Outdoor Recreation

These programs offer structured or self-directed activities such as archery, hunting, fishing, rappelling, in-line skating, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, mountain biking, canoeing, camping, and water and snow skiing.


Recreation equipment for rent includes camping gear, boating equipment, and ski and scuba gear, just to name a few.


Service members find something at most every installation, whether it's a softball field, volleyball or racquetball court, or a swimming pool. The range of team and individual competition opportunities is enormous.

Elite Athletic Programs

Sailors of exceptional ability compete at the national, international, and Olympic levels.

Recreational Lodging

Located on many installations, these lodging facilities like cabins, cottages, trailers, trailer or RV parks with hook-ups, or campgrounds are another travel option.

Tickets and Tours

Many recreational programs provide tours to local historic spots, offer free discount tickets to theaters and sporting events, arrange group ski trips, and send busloads of residents to shop on a substantially discounted basis.


Commonly known as "Space-A", space-available travel is a way for service members and their families to fly free or for a small fee. Military discounts are offered to active-duty members and their families by airline, bus, railroad, hotel, and car rental companies. In some cases, this can mean as much as a 50% saving.