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Delayed Entry Program

How DEP Works

There are two phases to the Delayed Entry Program: the training phase and the sign-off phase.

During the training phase, you'll be expected to learn fundamental information about the U.S.Navy.

During the sign-off phase, you'll be required to demonstrate, verbally and/or physically, information learned during the training phase.

In it all, you'll have the chance to meet with and work with other recruits. This will occur through a series of DEP meetings. Attendance at all of these are important. Should you need to miss a meeting, you must schedule make-up training.

The Navy Referral Program

When you join the Delayed Entry Program, you can get a head start on your journey. While you're in the DEP, you have the opportunity to advance. Provide your recruiter with names and phone numbers of individuals you believe can benefit from the same opportunities the Navy offered you, and your recruiter will contact these individuals. When they enlist, you will be on your way toward awards or advancement.

When two people you refer enlist in the Navy, you will be advanced to E-2.

When four people you refer enlist in the Navy, you will be advanced to E-3.

Note: Nuclear applicant referrals count double.

The real benefit to you over the term of your enlistment is more money. The following chart reflects the time-in-rate required between paygrades:

  • E-1 to E-2: 9 months
  • E-2 to E-3: 9 months
  • E-3 to E-4: 6 months
  • E-4 to E-5: 12 months
  • E-5 to E-6: 36 months
  • E-6 to E-7: 36 months
  • E-7 to E-8: 36 months
  • E-8 to E-9: 36 months

As you can see, if you give your recruiter referrals whom later enlist, you can be anywhere between nine and 18 months ahead on your advancement path.

Look how easy it is. You undoubtedly know:

  • Names of anyone who might have mentioned joining the military
  • Names and phone numbers of 50 people in your yearbook
  • Names of five people in your favorite class at school
  • People who work with you

Supporting the U.S. Navy one person at a time

While in the Delayed Entry Program, you can make a difference by helping your recruiter increase productivity.

That's right! Throughout the years, DEPpers have proven to be a valuable asset in their home towns. Not only have DEPpers been a source of referrals in their sphere of influence, but they've provided recruiters with basic qualification information about prospective recruits.

DEPpers can tag along with recruiters when high school visits are made, and can assist recruiters in manning displays at fairs and other special events.

In the Navy Recruiting Station (NRS), DEPpers can assist recruiters in territory analysis, preparing mailers, assembling scrapbooks, and assisting recruiters during specially arranged NRS public visitations.

Outside the NRS, DEPpers can assist recruiters in placing Navy promotional material in local places of business and street locations.

In addition to the basic Navy training recruiters provide DEPpers while in the DEP "pool", DEPpers are invited to attend social events such as parties, picnics, and athletic competitions. DEPpers are also encouraged to invite friends who aren't yet in the DEP.

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