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1. Pride of Belonging
2. Challenge
3. Courage, Poise, & Self-Confidence
4. Self-Reliance, Self Direction, Self-Discipline
5. Leadership & Management Skills
6. Technical Skills (Part 1)
". Technical Skills (Part 2)
7. Educational Opportunities
8. Professional Development
9. Financial Security, Advancement, & Benefits
10. Physical Fitness
11. Travel & Adventure
12. Introduction to the Navy
13. Navy Past, Present, & Future
14. Navy Nuclear Power
15. SEALs, EOD, & Navy Diver
16. Path to a Commission... Officer Programs
17. Screening
18. Delayed Entry Program & Job Classification
19. Recruit Training
20. Family Life
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Navy Links Page

The links on this page apply specifically to Navy DEP sailors, but are a great resource for everyone interested in the Navy. If you know of any other links that belong here, please email us and let us know!

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Virtual Boot Camp This tour of Navy Recruit Training is hosted on the Great Lakes Naval Training Center's web site. It provides a quick tour of some of the things you will experience in Navy Recruit Training Command.
Recruit Training Command Navy Recruit Training Command's home page. This site has some great info, including a lot of pictures of bootcamp. Ever want to see how high you'll have to jump from to get into the pool? Want to see pictures of the confidence course? This site has it all!
U. S. Navy The US Navy's official website! This site has a ton of information about all aspects of the Navy.
Navy College Program Homepage for the Navy College Program. This site can answer some of your questions regarding the Navy's college programs
Navy Advancement Center This site allows you to download some of the training manuals for your job in the Navy!!! Simply click on the first letter of your Rate (AV, HT, YN, etc...), then select your rate from the list provided. You can then download either the entire manual, or individual chapters/assignments. This is a great way to get a head start on your career in the Navy! (*NOTE - for security reasons, not all NRTC's can be downloaded from this site.)
Bluejacket Good pictures of the Navy's aircraft and ships, plus stories about Navy history.
Navy E-Learning Free classes you can take online while on Active Duty or in a DEP status. Every course you complete goes into your Navy transcript, which is a part of your permanent Navy record! A great way to get a "head start" on your college education and your Navy career! (Note: This site is only available to people already in the Navy.)
Pacific Exchange Rate Service Maybe you don't need this now, but it sure comes in handy when visiting all those foreign ports!
DEP Online Guide Your DEP "guide to success"/"life accelerator" online!
Navy SEALs Homepage of the U.S. Navy SEALs. Do you have what it takes?