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5. Leadership & Management Skills
6. Technical Skills (Part 1)
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7. Educational Opportunities
8. Professional Development
9. Financial Security, Advancement, & Benefits
10. Physical Fitness
11. Travel & Adventure
12. Introduction to the Navy
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Technical Skills

Occupational Specialty and THE GUARANTEE...

The Guarantee

The Guarantee is unique to the Navy. We are the only branch of the military that will guarantee you a position, not just a possible career field. This contract:

  • Specifies how many years of service you are obligated to
  • The specific job and career field your service will be in
  • Any enlistment bonuses (or additional guarantees) that apply

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50,000 Jobs in 60 Fields

50,000 jobs in over 60 fields are available right now! Every year, the Navy trains people just like you in some of the hottest fields around, from computers and mechanics to communications and engineering. Here's just a partial list of the jobs you can choose from today:

  • Computer and Electronics Field
  • Engineering and Maintenance Field
  • Flight Operations
  • Tactical Information Specialists
  • Special Operations
  • Business Services
  • Human Resources and Financial Management
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Civil Engineering / Construction
  • Public Affairs / Music
  • Sales / Service Support / Culinary Arts
  • What follows is a brief description of the training you can receive and skills you can develop in each of these areas...

Computer and Electronics Field

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Advanced computer systems including Local Area Network Management, computer and electrical troubleshooting and repair, operate and maintain a wide range of electrical equipment and electonic components
  • Operation and maintenance of advanced weapons control systems, navigation equipment, state-of-the-art communications equipment, sophisticated computer-assisted information systems, nuclear propulsion plants

Engineering and Maintenance Field

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Operation and maintenance of nuclear propulsion plants, advanced electrical and mechanical equipment, modern conventional propulsion systems, state-of-the-art ship and aircraft control systems, vital survival equipment, intricate weapons systems
  • Troubleshooting and repair of complex mechanical, electronic, and electrical equipment
  • Material management, quality assurance, maintenance safety

Flight Operations

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Troubleshooting and repair of complex aviation electronics
  • Testing and installation of aircraft instruments and electrical equipment
  • Vital records and flight documentation to support emergency egress equipment, aeronautical systems, aircraft launched weapons, repair aircraft utility systems
  • Supply inventories of spare parts
  • Launch, recovery, and control of aircraft during flight operations

Tactical Information Specialists

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Collecting, tracking, and processing of tactical information supporting effective employment of ships and aircraft
  • Operation and maintenance of Tomahawk and / or other sophisticated weapons control systems
  • Providing recommendations for tactical employment and safe navigation of ships and aircraft operating throughout the world
  • Conducting intelligence operations
  • Operation and maintenance of computer databases, network management

Special Operations

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Collection of intelligence vital to national security
  • Conducting precise strike operations in support of national security
  • Operation and maintenance of state-of-the-art communications and intelligence equipment, modern information systems
  • Performance of underwater salvage, repair, maintenance, submarine rescue, surface search and rescue operations, parachuting or diving operations, reconnaissance and demolition of natural or man-made underwater obstacles

Business Services

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Maintenance of records for financial budgets, preparation of financial reports
  • Management of large computer databases, network management, pay and payroll information, personnel administration
  • Supply system and repair parts system management
  • Modern office equipment, preparation of quality assurance documentation
  • Receiving official visitors, protocol, and preparation of official letters and correspondence

Human Resource and Financial Management

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Management of large computer databases, personnel and financial records, computer networks
  • Pay and payroll information management, preparation of financial reports
  • Processing travel requests and claims
  • Performing educational and professional counseling

Medical / Healthcare

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Prevention and treatment of disease and injury, administering medications, transportaing patients, performance of physical examinations, lab analysis, supervision of field treatment, health care management
  • Administering dental hygiene, dental x-rays, maintenance and repair of dental equipment, prosthetic laboratory techniques, dental surgical technology

Civil Engineering / Construction

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Land survey, building and facility design, blueprint production, cost analysis and management, building material selection.
  • Heavy equipment operation and repair, maintenance management, and cost control
  • Steel working, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, brick laying, electrical system design and construction

Public Affairs / Music

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Public relations and media, including print / radio / television journalism, public speaking, writing and editing
  • Film and print production, photo lab operations, audiovisual productions, photo reconnaissance, accident investigation, and equipment repair
  • Musical performance ( all types of music ) on stage, in concert, TV, radio, and parades; composing and arranging music, supporting military ceremonies and diplomatic functions

Sales / Service Support / Culinary Arts

Receive training and develop skills in:

  • Stock management, accounting, cash management, repair parts management, financial and inventory control, information management, payroll management, accounting, financial reporting, and auditing
  • Culinary arts and restaurant management, food preparation, menu design, food service, inventory and budget management

Trade Skills and Marketability

The Navy will pay you to be trained in some of the most advanced and challenging fields existging today. With over 50,000 jobs in more than 60 different fields from aviation to construction -- there's no shortage of opportunity. You will be trained to handle every challenge that may come your way. When you're ready, you're rewarded with greater responsibility. Possibilities abound in areas such as aviation, electronics, computer programming, and other high-tech occupations, even nuclear propulsion and advanced electronics. We can help turn raw talent into polished professionalism and prepare you not just for a career in the Navy, but give you a head start in whatever profession you choose.

A-schools (Basic)

You're guaranteed all the training you need for your entry position into the Navy. This comes through what we call our "A School" training.

  • State-of-the-art training and technology
  • Classroom instruction that comes with proctical application
  • Graduation certificate and possible college credits
  • Opportunity for interservice training

Apprenticeship Programs

Here, you get to find out if a field is the right one for you. We offer:

  • "Hands-on" practical experience
  • The opportunity to directly learn from experinced professionals
  • Lateral moves and cross training is possible

C-schools (Advanced)

We also offer three different types of advanced training:

  • AEF (Advanced Electronics Fields) training, which covers areas like missile control, navigational control, communications, weapons systems, and the like
  • ATF (Advanced Technical Fields) training, which covers areas like electrical systems, marine engineering, welding, and other vocational trades
  • NF (Nuclear Field) training, which, of course, concerns itself with nuclear power and propulsion

Professional Instructors

And, remember, our instructors are not only great instructors, they are also masters of the content. In fact, who knows -- someday you may want to teach the subject, yourself, not just do it!

Job placement is assured

If you comlete all prerequisites in a satisfactory manner, the Navy guarantees the job you want. (See the section OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTIES AND THE GUARANTEE for more information about that.)

With too many job opportunities after service life to count

FOLLOW THIS LINK to see some of the thousands of jobs ex-Sailors migrate to when they choose to leave the Navy.