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1. Pride of Belonging
2. Challenge
3. Courage, Poise, & Self-Confidence
4. Self-Reliance, Self Direction, Self-Discipline
5. Leadership & Management Skills
6. Technical Skills (Part 1)
". Technical Skills (Part 2)
7. Educational Opportunities
8. Professional Development
9. Financial Security, Advancement, & Benefits
10. Physical Fitness
11. Travel & Adventure
12. Introduction to the Navy
13. Navy Past, Present, & Future
14. Navy Nuclear Power
15. SEALs, EOD, & Navy Diver
16. Path to a Commission... Officer Programs
17. Screening
18. Delayed Entry Program & Job Classification
19. Recruit Training
20. Family Life
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Recruit Training

Basic training or "bootcamp" is a nine-week indoctrination program under the auspices of our Recruit Training Command (RTC). Your training will be in Great Lakes, Illinois, which is about 40 miles north of Chicago. Here you'll learn all the "basics" about living, learning, and working in the Navy. Millions of men and women have received training at RTC sinct it's establishment July 1, 1911. In fact, during World War II, nearly a million men were trained at Great Lakes.

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The Recruit Training Command (RTC) is where the excitement -- your adventure -- begins. It's here that you'll make your transition from civilian to military life.

At RTC you'll experience a busy schedule of lectures and drills on Navy history, traditions, customs, and regulations. You'll also receive instruction in basic military subjects, firefighting, deck seamanship, weapons systems, and safety. You'll also be completing forms, medical and dental exams, inoculations for protection from a variety of diseases, haircuts, and swim survival tests. This instruction is covered in a six-phase training approach.

Navy Core Values

  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Commitment

After you arrive at RTC, you'll join about 84 young men and women who'll make up your recruit division. Besides completing all the classroom training, everyone must pass regular uniform, military drill, locker, and barracks inspections. You'll routinely drill with an M-16 rifle and of course, also work on physical fitness and miltary drill.

Keep in mind that recruit training isn't easy. The first three weeks are especially tough. You'll be faced with obstacles to overcome and standards to meet. It's important to understand that you must satisfactorily complete all phases of the training. Failure to complete all phases would mean a delay in completing the program. So, stay focused and motivated. This along with a positive "can do" spirit, will help get you through to graduation day.

Your Navy uniforms marks you as a professional, a member of a military service over 200 years old, and a person devoting years to the service of our country.

Recruit Training will shape you

  • You will work hard, mentally and physically.
  • You will walk away proud to be a Sailor.

Recruit Training will demand a lot of you

  • Tough physical training
  • Classroom training
  • Drill and critical skill practice
  • Recruit Division Commanders will mold you:
    • They know how much can be expected (and will demand it all),
    • You will probably end up in much better physical shape than you ever imagined possible.

You will know what it means to be a team player.

You will know what it means to be a Sailor.

Upon successful completion of recruit training, you'll receive orders to your first Navy assignment. This could be for Navy technical training or for apprenticeship training. In 1999 alone, more than 54,000 men and women became new enlisted Sailors. You've graduated and are moving one step along in your Navy career. Better yet, you'll soon be handed a set of orders... a chance for a new start in a new job.