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Family Life

"It takes a community to raise a child"

Do yo know this African expression about the role of a community? A Navy base represents a larger family. In many ways, it is a throw-back to a more rural time when extended families all lived near each other. In our case, however, it may not be blood relatives that your family lives near - but it'll be Navy Relatives. Talk to anyone who was raised on military bases and they'll tell you how it is on a based. Everyone pulls together to help each other, prticularly when loved ones are off on duty.

But, it's not just the people. The Navy, itself, is concerned about family life, and so the Navy provides things like:
  • commissary, Navy Exchange, and other enterprises
  • an Ombudsman program, which is unique to the Navy and Coast Guard, to help work out problems
  • Schools, hospitals, clinics, and other key support institutions
  • Emails for family contact with most deployed service members

Base life: secured, quality of life

A Navy base offers families the security of a gated community. That's why you'll find on-base housing an ideal place to raise a family. Many installations provide before- and after-school day care, approved family child-care provided by military spouses in their homes, and youth centers for teens and pre-teens. Most installations have a Family Center that serves as a one-stop place for service membres and their families who need assistance with a variety of problems.

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Do I have to live in Navy housing?

No, you don't have to reside in base housing. Besides base housing for families and barracks for single Sailors, there's housing available in the local community. Not only is there a housing allowance for those who live outside teh base, it includes a variable housing factor for high-cost areas and a COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment) that is worldwide. The Navy's goal is for every family to be able to live in reasonable comfort, no matter where the member is stationed. And don't forget: we cover your utilities, not just your rent!

How often will I have to move?

Initially, once you have completed basic training and any follow-on schooling, yo will move just once to your first permanent duty station. After that, your moves depend on how often you change duty stations. And remember that when we move you, we also provide for your family. And, we do far more than just provide a moving van. The movers will bring the boxes, pack you, move your belongings, unpack you, and take away the boxes with them!

Family Housing Program

The family housing program includes: Public quarters, mobile home parks, Navy housing, and leasing of privately-owned units. Where Navy Housing isn't available, housing referral offices are provided to assist in locating private housing in the community.

Other Benefits

The Navy has better benefits than most civilian employers could hope to match.

  • Navy Housing or housing allowance and money for meals.
  • 30 days of vacation with pay earned each year.
  • Advanced education at little or no cost.
  • Comprehensive medical and dental care with no doctor bills.
  • $200,000 Life Insurance Policy for $16 a month.
  • Discounted Travel
  • Excellent retirement program.

MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation)

The Navy also makes programs available to families stationed at home and abroad that range from attending sporting events to musical concerts to travel and tours abroad.

State of the art exercise equipment can be found in our gyms, bowling alleys, basketball courts and baseball fields that are part of many of our installations. Recreation centers are filled with free or inexpensive rental equipment for fishing, camping, skiing and scuba diving. Weekend excursions are encouraged.

From travel at greatly discounted prices available to your spouse or family (as well as you) ot every form of social gathering, Navy life is built around families. (If you want to learn more about the recreational opportunities offered, see the section called "Travel and Adventure").